Founded in 1985, Maxtil is a Portuguese textile manufacturer specialized in the production of knitwear, mainly directed to Casual and Sportswear. Since it was founded, the company has built a strong export profile, having 98% of its production exported to European Countries. Our company's success is based on our management policy. Maxtil is not only focused on improving its ethical and environmental standards, but also on investing in our greatest asset, our team of over 130 professionals.

Maxtil is moving towards a more sustainable production process. We have implemented several policies like the following:

-  Recycling and reducing the usage of single-use plastics throughout the whole process;

-  GOTS certification;

-  Leftovers can be used as raw materials by other industries.

If you are an international brand looking to place your production in Portugal let us know how we can help you.

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